It is easy to think that the success of a good property investment is automatically linked to obtaining a high rent and therefore an attractive rental yield. However, when an investor lives abroad it is often difficult to manage a property remotely.

At WALDORF PRIVATE OFFICE when we take over the management of a property, our priority is that you are legally in order but also that you are not disturbed by the details of daily life or in direct contact with the tenant. This way you can enjoy your investment with complete peace of mind.

We offer a customised service, adapted to your expectations You can therefore choose one of the two formulas that will suit your needs or simply both:

Tenant search formula :

  • Estimate of the rent according to the current laws and according to the market prices
  • Writing advertisement with photographs
  • Publication on national media
  • Organization of visits to the property
  • In-depth study of application files to find a serious and solvent tenant
  • Lease drafted by our legal department
  • Inventory upon arrival

Rental management formula:

  • Direct relationship with the owner and intermediary with the tenant
  • Drafting and sending of monthly rent receipts to the tenant
  • Managing litigation
  • Lease renewals and terminations
  • Annual rent review according to the rent benchmark index (IRL)
  • Payments on your behalf of all expenses related to the property (tax land, various purchases, works, etc.)
    land, various purchases, works, etc.)
  • Management of insurance files during disasters
  • Intervention of technicians after validation of quotes with the owner
  • Departure inventory


You are looking for a property to rent as a main residence, as a pied-à-terre, empty or furnished, in short, that corresponds to your criteria and your future life project. We cannot guarantee that we actually market the right property for you, but be sure that we will do our best to find it for you among our real estate partners.

At WALDORF PRIVATE OFFICE we assure you that each property presented to you will be guaranteed free of hidden defects, in compliance with the codes of ethics and legislation in force both for the drafting of the lease and concerning the amount of fees.

We want to be your relay of confidence with the owner, without taking sides, in an objective and impartial manner; that is why each file presented to you will be precise and complete.

Tell us about your project, we will do it for you as if it were for us.