Real Estate Financing

Current interest rates and the French tax system applied to the ownership of real estate assets are a strong incentive to use bank leverage to make a real estate investment in France, whether with an european private or commercial bank.
However, banks are becoming more and more demanding concerning the profiles accepted, especially if you fiscally live abroad. It is therefore necessary to call on a professional who will be able to find the most suitable banking partner for your project.

At WALDORF PRIVATE OFFICE, we believe that a good investment does not only result in negotiating the sale price of the property you have selected; the attractiveness of mortgage loans and the management of your taxation are the two other levers that will enable you to optimize your investment.

Access to credit can be complicated depending on your profile. There are several important criteria that determine the conditions of access to property credit for an investment in France :

  • your passport
  • Your place of tax residence
  • The amount of your project
  • The amount of your financial input
  • The source of funds
  • Your current or future economic and heritage links with France

We offer you a brokerage carried out by us through our privileged banking partners, access to loan conditions and application fees negotiated by WALDORF PRIVATE OFFICE.

Tell us about your project, we will do it for you as if it were for us.